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Cloud Software Consulting

We help define our client’s software needs to bridge gaps that are missing from their business or industry. Developing digital products that engage employees / users, drive revenues, and disrupt markets.

Digital Product Strategy

Developing a solution that drives your business to the next level by understanding the operations and goals of your company.

Digital Product Roadmap

Identifying the required functionality of your new product through the collaboration of our teams.

Minimum Viable Product (MVP)

Targeting the minimum number of features and services that can be provided to a user to satisfy their needs.

User Experience Planning

Designing an intuitive process for each user by understanding their end goal.

Managing Design and Development

Following the Roadmap, we plan, design, develop, and approve new features, so you get the product you desire.

Digital Product Testing and Feedback

Observing and collecting feedback from users gives insight how we can solve their needs and validates our assumptions.

Digital Product Implementation

If your new product is meant for internal use, we will ramp up your team. If it is meant for public use, then we will coordinate with your marketing department to drive traffic to your website.

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) Planning

Tracking important metrics allow us to measure your product’s performance and success.

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Full Service Consulting

Standing too close to a tree can prevent you from seeing the forest, just as being caught up in the daily grind can prevent you from seeing your strategy for success. Optimize your game plan by working with someone who has a fresh perspective and the ability to bring your project to fruition. We focus on the tasks that grow your bottom line and increase your market share.

Operations analysis

Market Analysis

Competitor Analysis

Business Development

Hiring and Staffing

Cloud Application Services

Moving from on premise applications to the cloud can be complicated. So can moving from one cloud app to another, or integrating on-prem and cloud apps. Clever Consulting makes the transition easy.